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The Magna M-SKID2 is a premium quality tyre for use inheavy duty purposesand is designed for general use in construction and industrial situations.

The Magna M-SKID2 has a wide lug tread pattern that provides optimal grip and traction on both smooth and rough surfaces. This tyre pattern has an extended tyre life due to its reinforced sidewall and strong nylon casing. The special tread compound increases cut-and chip-resistance.

•Deep under-tread for improved puncture resistance

•Optimal grip and traction

•Maximum safety and high stability

•Available sizes

•5.70-12 | 23x8.5-12 | 27x8.5-15 | 10-16.5 | 12-16.5 | 14-17.5 | 15-19.5 | 445/65-22.5

Magna M SKID2

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